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 We Delight In The Beauty Of The Butterfly, But Rarely Admit The Changes It Has Gone Through To Achieve That Beauty”. – Maya Angelou

As a psychologist at New Discovery Psychological Services, my approach to therapy is rooted in understanding and validating each individual's unique experiences.

I believe that each person with ADHD brings their strengths and abilities. I focus on empowering them, recognizing their achievements, and building on their innate skills.

In my practice, I prioritize education, providing clear and accurate information about ADHD and emphasizing its nature as a neurodevelopmental difference, not a character flaw.

In collaboration with my clients, I help develop effective coping strategies and organizational skills and promote self-advocacy.

I strongly advocate for accommodations that facilitate success in various life domains, and I believe in fostering a supportive social network involving family and loved ones.

I am dedicated to encouraging self-advocacy, tailoring my therapy to each individual's specific needs, preferences, and strengths. Above all, I operate from a holistic perspective, viewing ADHD as just one aspect of an individual's identity and focusing on their overall well-being.

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