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Executive Functioning Group Therapy

Enhance Your Executive Functioning Skills: A Comprehensive Training Program


Are you ready to unlock your full potential? Our comprehensive executive functioning training program for adults offers a holistic approach that addresses key cognitive and lifestyle factors. With a focus on emotional regulation, motivation, planning and organization, focus, medication management, and nutrition, this program is designed to help you succeed both personally and professionally.


Introduction and Goal Setting:

Discover the power of executive functioning skills for personal and professional success.

Set individual goals to achieve through the training program.


Understanding Executive Functioning:

Gain an overview of executive functioning skills and their impact on daily life.

Explore the role of different areas of the brain in executive functioning.


Emotional Regulation:

Learn practical strategies to recognise, understand, and manage emotions.

Master mindfulness techniques for emotional awareness and regulation.


Motivation and Goal Achievement:

Explore theories of motivation and how they apply to your goals.

Develop SMART goals and create action plans for success.


Planning and Organisation (Expanded):

Master effective planning techniques, including to-do lists and task prioritisation.

Break down complex tasks into manageable steps.

Utilise calendars and other tools for better organisation.


Time Management:

Discover time management strategies, including the Pomodoro Technique and time blocking.


Focus and Concentration:

Learn techniques to improve focus, such as minimising distractions and creating a designated workspace.

Practice sustained attention exercises for better concentration.


Medication Management:

Understand ADHD medications, their effects, and potential side effects.

Discover the importance of consistency and communication with healthcare providers.


Nutrition and Lifestyle:

Explore how diet and exercise impact cognitive function and executive functioning skills.

Receive practical advice for maintaining a balanced diet and incorporating physical activity.


Sleep and Stress Management:

Learn the connection between sleep, stress, and cognitive function.


Learn the Following Strategies

Cognitive Strategies:

Introduce cognitive restructuring to challenge negative thought patterns and improve problem-solving skills.


Technology and Tools:

Discover digital tools and apps that assist with planning, time management, and organisation.


Group Discussions and Sharing:

Engage in supportive discussions, sharing experiences, challenges, and successes.

Learn from strategies that have worked for different individuals.


Progress Tracking:

Track your progress and reflect on improvements in different areas of your life.


Long-Term Maintenance:

Discuss strategies for maintaining and reinforcing executive functioning skills over time.

Access resources for ongoing learning and skill development.


Celebrating Achievements:

Recognise and celebrate your achievements and milestones throughout the program.

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Executive Functioning

$80 per session

October 03 2023- October 31 2023
Every Tuesday
6:30 PM - 8 PM

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