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New Discovery Psychological Services offers comprehensive psychological services to help clients reach their highest potential. With expertise in executive functioning for adults and youth, nutrition, and Cogmed, we strive to provide the most effective solutions to reach peak mental and emotional health.



Cogmed, developed by Pearson Clinical Assessment, is a cognitive training program designed to boost working memory abilities. Working memory is responsible for temporarily storing and manipulating information needed for mental tasks. By engaging in a series of computerized exercises, the Cogmed program aims to improve attention, concentration, problem-solving skills, and other cognitive functions associated with working memory. It is particularly beneficial for individuals with attention deficits, learning disabilities, or other cognitive challenges. Used in educational, clinical, and research settings, Cogmed offers targeted cognitive enhancement to help individuals reach their full cognitive potential.

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Executive Functioning Group Therapy

Enhance Your Executive Functioning Skills: A Comprehensive Training Program


Are you ready to unlock your full potential? Our comprehensive executive functioning training program for adults offers a holistic approach that addresses key cognitive and lifestyle factors. With a focus on emotional regulation, motivation, planning and organization, focus, medication management, and nutrition, this program is designed to help you succeed both personally and professionally.

Executive Functioning Skills ProgramGrade 7-12

Enhancing Executive Functioning: A Comprehensive Training Program for Junior High and High  School Students with ADHD.


Unlock the potential of students with ADHD through an effective executive functioning training program. This program combines strategies, activities, and tools to develop and enhance executive functioning skills. 


Understanding Executive Functioning:

Unveil the importance of executive functioning skills for academic success and daily life.



Put it into perspective. Whether you are awake or asleep, your brain is always working hard to take care of your thoughts and movements, your breathing and heartbeat, and your senses. The brain requires a constant supply of fuel in order to function. "Fuel" comes from the foods that you consume - and what is in that fuel makes all the difference. In a nutshell, your diet has a direct impact on the structure and function of your brain and, in turn, your mood.

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