Do you have a  to make a career decision or a career transition?



What do I want to do for a living is not an easy decision.  Choosing the right career is imperative to maintain psychological well being. Making the wrong choice will not only affect your professional life, but your personal life will also be hampered due to this. Often, people select a career for all the wrong reasons, and find their responses to the workplace are incompatible with their true values. This situation results in feelings of unrest and discontent and in lost productivity.

Cognitive ability tests assess abilities involved in thinking (e.g., reasoning, perception, memory, verbal and mathematical ability, and problem solving). Such tests pose questions designed to estimate applicants' potential to use mental processes to solve work-related problems or to acquire new job knowledge.

Personality tests and career assessments evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, your values, your interests, and your skills. 

A personality inventory is a self assessment tool that career counselors and other career development professionals use to help people learn about their personality types. It reveals information about individuals' social traits, motivations, strengths and weakness, and attitudes. Experts believe these factors play an important role in job and career success and satisfaction. 

What influences your career choices, satisfaction levels and at times your productivity? Career development is not just about gaining the skills and knowledge you need to move roles within the company, it's about continuously evaluating yourself to fulfill your long-term aspirations. To do this, you need to have a strong sense of who you are and what you want from your work. Not everyone is motivated at work by the same thing, and our ambitions are different. So you need to understand WHY you like what you do, what makes the task enjoyable, interesting and stimulating to you. Edgar Schein, a specialist in organisational psychology and career dynamics, identified eight "career anchors" to help answer this question. Schein'

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