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Discover the Benefits of an In-Person ADHD Assessment

Discover the Benefits of an In-Person ADHD Assessment
in-person adhd assessment

Diagnosing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be a complex process. To make an appropriate diagnosis, it is important to ensure an accurate and comprehensive assessment of the individual’s symptoms, impairment, and context. While one-hour phone assessments may be useful for initial screening or brief consultations, research indicates that in-person comprehensive ADHD assessments provide more detailed information that contributes to a more accurate diagnosis.

In-person assessments of ADHD typically provide a more comprehensive and detailed picture of the individual's symptoms, functioning, and impairment than phone assessments. With an in-person assessment, the psychologist can observe and assess behaviours directly. Direct observations can inform the assessment and contribute valuable insights into the individual's functioning.

Additionally, standardised rating scales and tests may be administered to understand the individual's ADHD profile better. These measures provide information about symptomology, functioning, and impairment across various settings. Furthermore, a clinical interview is conducted to collect information about developmental history, academic performance, family dynamics, and other relevant factors. Collateral information is also gathered from individuals in the person's life to obtain a more holistic understanding of their symptoms.

Lastly, there is an opportunity to build rapport with the individual during an in-person assessment, facilitating open communication and accurate self-reporting. Ultimately, these components give insight into the individual's overall presentation that may otherwise be limited or not feasible in a one-hour phone assessment.

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