Cogmed Works!

Cogmed is the single most scientifically validated method that improves working memory and attention.

Working memory is key to the brain's processing capacity. It is vital for concentration, reasoning, learning and resisting distractions.

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Research Based

Cogmed is designed by cognitive neuroscientists and psychologists from the Karolinska Institute. Leading independent research teams worldwide have proven its efficacy in 100+ studies in peer-reviewed journals. The benefits are substantial and long-term regardless of age and condition.



The new Cogmed

We are proud to announce that a complete upgrade of the Cogmed product and platform is now available!

IMPORTANT! All ongoing trainings started on the old platform must also be completed on the old platform by 2020-12-31. The old platform will be phased out!
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Major improvements

The new version retains the same core tasks that have proven so effective, but wraps them in a new, modern, simplified and streamlined experience for both users and Coaches. This reset will gradually have more features added, but already includes several major improvements:

Web-based apps

Cogmed will embrace the web platform and benefit from:

  • Support for many devices and browsers

  • Allow multi-device use for a single user

  • Re-use existing familiar workflows and behaviors (e.g. tabs, links, bookmarks, copy/paste, back button, password management etc)

  • Responsive design

  • Zoom and accessibility features

  • No install process

  • Automatic upgrades with gradual improvements


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Working Memory is Key to Processing Capacity

Working Memory (WM) is a temporary workspace where the brain keeps information online for active manipulation. We use WM to keep plans for what to do next, or keeping relevant information in mind during reasoning and solving problems. WM is necessary to control attention and is also associated with, but not equivalent to, fluid intelligence. It is constantly used in our daily life, helping us to perform in social, academic and professional settings.

WM is different from long-term memory which can only store and retrieve episodes and facts in an unprocessed state.

The capacity of WM is limited both in terms of the number of items it can hold (usually 5-9) as well as the time it can keep them active (1-20 seconds). It therefore becomes a critical and limiting factor for cognitive control and executive functions.

WM is also responsible for the function of delegating what you encounter to the parts of your brain that can take further action. In this way, WM is necessary for staying focused on a task and resist distractions.