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Many employees have health benefit plans that may cover all or part of this cost

Claim & receive with eClaims.

We offer direct billing to 10 major insurers, covering 85% of privately insured Canadians.

  • Reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Eliminate insurance paperwork.

    Ask us to submit your claim at your next visit. 


  • •    Rigorous, web-based training using a PC, laptop or tablet at home or at a designated facility

  • •    Supported by a Cogmed Coach who leads the training, tracks results, and gives support and motivation

  • •    Programs adjust complexity level for each exercise, in real time, for maximized training effect

  • •    25-40 training sessions of 15-50 minutes each, done over 5-10 weeks (trainee/family sets the training schedule with the Cogmed Coach, with plenty of flexibility)

  • •    Cogmed can work in conjunction with medications, behavioural therapies or other remedial interventions

  • •    All trainees and coaches have online access to training results and progress status

  • •    Cogmed Extension Training allows the trainee to further sharpen the developed capacity and to verify how the results hold overtime