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When a person’s executive functions fail, he has trouble analyzing, planning, organizing, scheduling, and completing tasks. People with EFD commonly lack the ability to handle frustration, start and finish tasks, recall and follow multi-step directions, stay on track, self-monitor, and balance priorities. Fixing the area of a deficit is key to fixing academic or occupational difficulties. 



Intake session: $200.00*


Group program: 

Session 1-4: $240



Planning and Organization

Focus and Attention


Session 5: $60.00

Medication Management.


*Clients new to New Discovery Psychological Services needs to schedule an Individual Intake session.


The Comprehensive Executive Function Inventory Adult (CEFI Adult) will be administered to help calibrate your level of executive function in the following areas: Attention, Emotion Regulation, Flexibility, Inhibitory Control, Initiation, Organization, Planning, Self- Monitoring, and Working Memory.

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